Danielle Batalla

Danielle Baballa

Danielle Batalla – Technical Director

Danielle is currently in her 3rd year at CSUF majoring in philosophy. Her journey at Titan Radio began in the 2017-2018 year as a DJ and then as a staff member. Working through her second year at the radio station, Danielle says that she learned so much as the Technical Director and hopes to continue as a staff member until her graduation. What Danielle loves most about the station is the camaraderie of the entire organization as a whole; getting to know the culture and its people changed her college experience for the better. Her advice for those curious about joining Titan Radio is to just be yourself and to be honest about what you listen to and your show – this is what makes the station so unique.

When Danielle isn’t extinguishing ‘Technical Fires’ at the station, she likes to drink copious amounts of coffee, buy records, attend shows, eat at her favourite restaurants (as well as try new ones), read, and go hiking. Danielle cites Coffee Code and What’s Up Men as her favourite spots in Fullerton, as well as Rhino Records in Claremont as her favourite record store. After graduation, Danielle hopes to attend graduate school or work for PR in a non-profit organization or the entertainment industry.


  1. “Glass House” by Kyle Dion
  2. “Icare” by Yusek, Bertrand Burgalat
  3. “Jazz For No Future People” by Folamour
  4. “Don’t Stop the Dance (feat. Delafleur)” by Breakbot
  5. “Lazuli” by Beach House
  6. “Dog eat dog” by Souljazz Orchestra