“Camila” – Camila Cabello

Written by: Kassie Vickers

Camila Cabello, a former member of the very famous group, Fifth Harmony, released her
first solo album in January of this year. The album is titled, “Camila” which gives the album a
very personal vibe to it. The first track is entitled, “Never Be the Same,” it is a fun upbeat song
that really pumps up the listeners for the rest of the album. Camila said on twitter that she wrote
this song because it describes what falling in love is like, it’s an addicting feeling. The first slow
song of the album is on track two, called, “All These Years.” This song is about when you never
lose feelings for a certain someone, even years after seperation. “All These Years,” is a relatable
song for many with the lyrics, “Cause after all these years, I still feel everything when you are
near.” The next two songs on the album are very fun ones. “She Loves Control,” is about a girl
who likes to be in control of her relationships because she does not wants to get hurt. Even with a
deep meaning behind the song, it still is has a great beat. “Havana,” is probably the most famous
song on the album for its super catchy chorus. The song is about leaving a lover behind, again
this song has a deep meaning, but Camila is still able to make it lively for her listeners. “Inside
Out,” is a cute and catchy song about wanting to love someone inside out. This is probably the
most ‘lovey dovey’ song on the album, as most of the other songs are about past lovers or
breakups. The next track is called, “Consequences.” I personally feel that this song really
showcases Camila’s voice. The song is about how she was in love and it was beautiful, however
being in that relationship had consequences. “Real Friends,” is the next track on the album.
Camila said she wrote this song after being in L.A. for a while and wondering who her real
friends were. Overall, I feel this song can be something many people can relate too. The next
song called, “Something’s Gotta Give” is another song dealing with heartbreak. It talks about
being in a toxic relationship and how she wants to stay but she knows that she needs to leave.
Camila again is able to make the song feel personal to listeners because a lot of people who have
been in toxic relationships can relate. “In the Dark,” is another slow jam on the album. The song
asks, “who are you in the dark?” Basically asking “who are you when I am not looking?” One of
the last songs on the album is, “Into It.” This is a more sexy song because it is saying that she is
attracted to the person and as the lyrics say, “Ooh, I’m not a psychic, but I see myself all over
you.” The album ends with the radio version of, “Never Be the Same,” which was the first track
on the album. In conclusion, I feel that Camila was able to capture so many emotions in this
album such as, heartbreak, love, and loneliness. Her relatable lyrics engages listeners by
allowing them to know that other people may be going through the same things that they are.
Overall, Camila did a great job on this album.

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