Album Review: Thrice/Circa

By Chris H

I’ve been to quite a few shows now, and I’ve seen Thrice more times than any other band. The November 4th show makes it five times I’ve seen Thrice, three times that I’ve seen Circa Survive, twice that I’ve seen Chon, and my first time seeing Balance and Composure.

I really didn’t know what to expect from B&C, having not explored their discography to the extent that I have for the three other bands.  Since I got to the venue (The Shrine) pretty early, I was able to place myself right up in the front and against the railings. There is really nothing else like being that close when the first note of the night is played. B&C came with a set that was so much heavier than I expected. Rallying bass tones lead by baritone guitars and an almost spoken-word style of singing made for a penetrating opener to the night. If Balance and Composure ever headlined a tour and they come by, I’m definitely grabbing tickets.

I had already seen Chon once before, and delved into their repertoire pretty extensively. I knew what I was in for and I was so damn ready. Chon is always an exhilarating show, packed with such incredible musicianship and performance that my time watching is split between jamming out to the MOST GROOVY RIFFS EVER and just having my mind exploded constantly. As much as I’m dancing and moving and groovin’, I’m watching Nathan drum at a thousand miles an hour but stay just as clean as he does in the tracks. The interplay between Erick and Mario is so incredible, that my eyes are jumping from guitar neck to guitar neck. It’s a beautiful show, with a beautiful band playing beautiful music. Chon is an experience that everyone should take the time to have. You’ll leave the show a better person.

My main course for this show, and admittedly my main motivation for going was Thrice. They are without a doubt, my favorite band in the world. Their sound has to be some of the most dynamic. From incredibly mosh-able, to warm and acoustic. I will see Thrice every time that I am able, and I have. The set started simple and slow, nothing crazy and explosive like the past few times I’ve seen them. About a quarter of the way through the show however, the first note in Deadbolt leaves the amplifiers and everything is havoc and sweat. Bodies are smashing into each other, hair is being windmilled, it is chaos and I’m at home. To be honest I don’t remember much, I don’t think I even looked at the stage for the entire song. I was busy throwing myself around and getting as much stranger’s sweat on me as I possibly could. I screamed my throat raw as I barked the lyrics, and then I screamed some more. If anyone gets the chance to see Thrice, I’d say bring a pair of comfortable (and tight) shoes, comfortable clothes, and keep your hands up and face down. It’s gonna get rough.

This is the third time I’ve seen Circa, and to be honest I am never more amazed at tight, clean, and strong sound than when I’m watching Circa. Not only is their music amazing and their sound so tight and concentrated, their energy is amazing and Anthony Green is one of the best frontmen in the post-hardcore scene right now. There are bands like Brand New, whose shows are massive behemoths of music on stage, and then there are shows like Circa whose presence is loud and fun and rallying. Green is as funny as he is an incredibly vocal artist, as always.

Balance and Composure, Chon, Thrice, and Circa Survive are all amazing bands that you should take the time to go see and experience. Incredible musicianship, an amazing dynamic sound, and some of the best stage presence you will ever have the chance to see are in these four bands here. There is nothing that I’d rather do than see these bands again, and so should you.

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