Album Review: “Lust for Life”

By Alan Bautista

Whenever I say her name to a friend or to a fellow peer, they simply turn their heads the
other way. “She’s too sad” or “Her music is too slow” is the typical response I would get.
Although Lana Del Rey’s fifth studio album, Lust for Life, diverts from the rest of her gloomy
albums, it delivers a bright positive message. Each song conveys an attractive and captivating
vibe that sets you to feeling elegant with life to pondering about it. She presents a hopeful
beautiful message to the youth through her song Love by reminding them that they are not alone.
She provides a hopeful message about the future through Coachella – Woodstock In My Mind.
She describes her emotions by outrunning the world through 13 Beaches, and dances on the H on
the Hollywood sign through Lust for Life featuring The Weeknd. An intriguing factor about this
new album is that this is first time where other artists are featured in her album. Not just with
The Weeknd but she even duets with Stevie Nicks on a beautifully rhythmed song, Beautiful
People Beautiful Problems. Del Rey also gives her fans a taste of hip-hop in Summer Bummer
featuring A$AP Rocky and PlayBoi Carti. Rocky and Carti merge their rap and bump up Del
Rey’s piano melody with a unique beat that is irresistible. Continuing to collab with Rocky, Del
Rey sings with such an alluring voice that makes you fall in love with the star. The song,
Groupie Love, carries a stylish charming rhythm that will surely be locked in your head. On top
of that, Rocky’s verse is a perfect way to end the song especially with the lines, “You and I 'til
the day we die.” Like mine, your heart will shatter as Del Rey pours her broken heart into
Tomorrow Never Came featuring Sean Ono Lennon. “I waited for you In the spot you said to
wait // In the middle of the pouring rain // You said to meet me out there tomorrow but tomorrow
never came.” As her conclusion to the album, Del Rey shares with the world that she is now
transitioning her mindset: "Now I do, I want to move // Out of the black, into the blue.” Lana Del
Rey has come a long way from suffering depression to having a peaceful state of mind. This
album serves as a reminder that even with all of life’s problems, there is still a purpose to keep
living. Lust for Life is an extremely wonderful album that gives a message of hope for the world
and all its beauty.

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