Album Review: Clearview


By Michael Ortiz

Clearview is the seventh studio album from the Finnish alternative rock band Poets of the
Fall. Poets of the Fall are one of the biggest musical acts in their home country of Finland and
the band has gained a following in nations all over the world. Fear not U.S. music lovers! All of
the group’s music is in English so it’s easily accessible.
This latest album contains all the signature elements found throughout the band’s
discography, which means the songs contain thought provoking lyrics filled with poetic devices
accompanied by elaborate instrumentals with catchy rhythms. On Clearview the vocals are the
main feature and poetry fans can lose themselves in the intricate lyrical content of the tracks. The
album kicks off with the explosive hard rock fueled first track Drama for Life. From there the
album delves into more experimental territory with electronica rock numbers. The closing song,
Moonlight Kissed, has a soft orchestral-like sound that slowly brings the album to a peaceful
close. Stand out songs on the album include: Drama for Life, Once Upon a Playground Rainy,
Crystalline, and Moonlight Kissed.
One great quality of Poets of the Fall is their eagerness to constantly evolve. Every album
they change up their sound and experiment with different genres of music. The band has covered
soft rock, acoustic ballads, pop-rock, post-grunge, hard rock, metal, and even country with their
song Grinder’s Blues from the soundtrack of the video game Rochard. Since lead singer Marko
Saaresto has an incredibly dynamic vocal range, they can adapt to various genres of music with
ease. On Clearview they continue their mission to cover seemingly every genre of music when
Saaresto raps the third verse of the song Once Upon a Playground Rainy. The album combines
experimental electronica with alternative rock to craft a unique lyric-driven sound. Clearview is
one of 2016’s greatest hidden musical gems.

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