Album Review: Bonito Generation


Artist: Kero Kero Bonito
Label: Double Denim
Reviewed by Joceline Morales
Straight out of London, Kero Kero Bonito unveil their debut album, Bonito Generation.
Although the band has released several mixtapes and singles, Bonito Generation is their first full
length debut album. KKB consists of Sarah Midori Perry who provides vocals and Gub Lobban
and Jamie Bulled the creators and the master minds behind their fun beats. Mixing Japanese and
English lyrics KKB takes inspiration from video game music and J-Pop. If you like Kyary
Pamyu Pamyu, J-POP, and generally like happy music then KKB is for you!
Bonito Generation features catchy sugary upbeat music that’s a party for your ears and
will make you dance nonstop. This album is universal, both kids and adults can enjoy almost like
Yo Gabba Gabba for adults. If you didn’t know about KKB you may confuse their music for

children’s songs. Bonito Generation deals with both kid and adult issues like getting up in the
morning in the song Waking Up. What I love about KKB and Bonito Generation is the embrace
of positive messages like in Trampoline: “First you fall down, then you jump back up again, find
your rhythm, momentum is the key”. The album is laced with video game music, bouncy
electronic, synth, and heavy base. As a 90s kid and an avid Mario Kart gamer I loved hearing
samples from Mario Kart 64. The only downside to this sugary concoction is that it might be too
sweet and upbeat that it does not appeal to everybody.
Overall Bonito Generation is insanely cute and filled to the brim with sugar, an explosion
of confetti, and good vibes. If you’re ever in a gloomy state or need some excitement to add to
your day, Bonito Generation will brighten up your day with its sugar-coated pop music !
* Catch KKB in the Constellation room on April 26 th !! *

Tracks to check out:
Big City
Picture This
Other KKB favorites:
Sick Beat
My Party (Bo en Remix)
Truly (Ft. Sarah Bonito) by Spazzkid

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