Album Review: Big Krit (aka Justin Scott)

By Vanesa Hernandez

Haven’t herd from him since 2015, Big Krit (aka Justin Scott) ends the year with a 22-track
album: 4eva Is a Mighty Long Time. The double album is divided into two disc, one labeled
“Big K.R.I.T. and the second, “Justin Scott”. Having been called out by Kendrick Lamar in
“Control”, it was obvious that this southern rapper had delivered something that K-Dot thought
posed a threat as a rapper in his previous albums. Taking long to release a new album, he did not
disappoint with this one. Having his unique style with great lyricism skills, he has been
compared to many other artists along the same lines as current mainstream rappers. Taking in
this 22-track album, 4eva Is a Mighty Long Time has very few features: T.I., UGK, Joi, Jill
Scott, Keyon Harrold, Lloyd and others. Listeners seem to be attracted to Confetti, second song
on the first disc and debut single for the album, and brings back the statement that Big Krit is
someone to keep an eye for. With an obvious influence of Outkast on this southern rapper, a few
songs like Miss Georgia Fornia serves as a soulful add on to the album. He could had not made
the release of a double album any better than by having one express his alter ego. When listening
to both disc back to back the contrast on both disc is a good mix. On one disc you have “1999”, a
song that is meant to hype you up. The second disc hits you with “Everlasting” a song that
contrast what he raps about in “1999”, where he raps about a love for a girl. With his second disk
definitely hitting his soulful side and producer side it delivers a smooth playlist. Without not
many samples throughout the album, the beats and music production is at its best. A lot of the
songs are produced by him, including “Keep the Devil Off”. Unlike all previous albums and
mixtapes, this album delivers a lot more than expected, making it hard to decide to listen to disc
one or two. The awaited album is for sure one for the books in Hip-Hop. Hard to choose tops
songs on 4eva Is a Mighty Long Time, the whole album is definitely worth a listen, or two.

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