Album Review: Apocalipstick


Album Review: Apocalipstick

Reviewed by Andre Gomez

Nearly 3 years after the release of Haxel Princess on Burger Records, Cherry Glazerr return with a new label and more polished sound. Apocalipstick is Cherry Glazerr’s 2nd full length studio album as well as their first album since signing on to Secretly Canadian. The Los Angeles rockers, whose namesake is KCRW’s morning anchor Chery Glaser, features an almost entirely new lineup. With the leave of former bassist Sean Redman and drummer Hannah Uribe, founder Clementine Creevy finds Sasami Ashworth on keys and Tabor Allen on drums. Together the trio has evolved Cherry Glazerr from teenage garage to maturing rock.

The album is launched by solid and controlled guitar riffs of “Told You I’d Be With the Guys”, the album’s first track as well as first single. Clementine breaks this control growling “I was a lone wolf” and follows up by throwing us distorted guitars. As the song swings between soft and hard spots, at the end she easily shreds to show that, while cleaner and more controlled, the band still retains that rough edge. We are followed by steady streaming drum beats from “Trash People” to keep the fast pacing in momentum. As the album continues it is apparent that the writing is less juvenile as that of Haxel Princess and leans melancholic with lyrics of desire, loss, and pain, such as “you infect, the insects feed on the sane” (“Moondust”), “it ended too soon, too soon” (“Lucid Dreams”), and “I need that validation, till your eyes burn” (“Instagratification”). Allen keep his presence in check with his steady drumming and Ashworth’s synths seemingly pop in and out, such as in “Only Kid on the Block”, where she leads in with an enchanting intro. The riffs and vocals can prove to be very catchy such as in “Lucid Dreams” as the guitar follows Clementine singing “fuck your fancy messages I wish I knew that I was dreaming wish I knew that I was dreaming”. It all ends with the title track, a fuzzy and distortion filled instrumental that leads us out.

Cherry Glazerr are, as many bands do, evolving. As the audience that follows them grow, so does the band. Cherry Glazerr still proves that, while older, they are still soaked in youthful energy and easily provide us the gruff and catch that is elemental to their sound.


Tracks to check out:

Told You I’d Be With the Guys

Trash People

Lucid Dreams

Nurse Ratched

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