Brasstracks – Album Review

As the first week back from Spring Break comes to a close, the season of music & festivals is now upon us. Bringing in the good vibes after break, Brasstracks made their stop in Los Angeles on their debut tour titled “For Those Who Know”.
For those that don’t know, Brasstracks is a duo that hails from the infamous city of Brooklyn, New York. This dynamic duo consists of Ivan Jackson and Conor Rayne who both graduated from the Manhattan School of Music. With Jackson on trumpet and Rayne on the drums, this duo is bound to blow your mind. For all the music junkies that praise the producers behind the music, these boys are most-known for their hit track “No Problem” by Chance the Rapper.
This Brooklyn-based duo fuses funk, R&B, and Jazz mixed with electronic sounds to create the ultimate blend of beats. The tour’s headline name is titled after their recent EP release from October of last year.
The show was opened by New York based rapper, S’natra. His classic take on hip-hop production mixed with epic bars created a good handful of energy to start the night. The boys kicked off their show playing crowd favorites from their first EP release “Good Love” adding personal flares to the live track versions. The versatility of their arrangements was impeccable as they switched from their classic jazz, hip-hop sound to dense dancehall renditions.
The duo also previewed music from their unreleased EP “For Those Who Know Part 2”. The crowd was in constant awe hearing the music they have been streaming live. As the night progressed, the duo played their most popular production “No Problem”. Towards the end of the night, the duo closed the night with their cover of Lil Uzi Vert’s hit song “XO Tour Llif3”.
Overall, the sold-out show was worth trekking through LA traffic. Brasstracks will bring the dancer out of you. My favorite thing about this group is how tangible their music is. There are so many artists today that rely on tracks and digital music. Brasstracks showcase their musical knowledge and remind us of the joy that comes through playing instruments. For those who know, Brasstracks will always give your ears some good love.

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