Abbie Briley

Abbie Briley – Communications & Campus Outreach Director

Abbie Briley is the Communications & Campus Outreach Director for this Spring semester. She is a Public Relations student in her final year at Cal State Fullerton. Abbie joined the station in Fall 2017 as a pre-recording DJ and worked her way up to become a live DJ Spring 2019, then the Communications & Campus Outreach Intern Fall 2018,, and now Director.  She found out about Titan Radio during Discover Fest and doesn’t regret it! She especially loves her shows In Between Days Thursdays a9 pmpm and her and Angie’s talk show Expose-A Tuesdays at 9am!

Abbie hopes to get a job in the entertainment industry, but also wants to take time to travel and live her life outside of the station and working at Disneyland. When she’s not in the station, she can be found sleeping in, traveling to places she’s never been, or going to as many concerts as possible. Originally from the Central California area, she is sure that she won’t be moving back home anytime soon and wants to explore her options and take her chances at living in the LA area to pursue her dream job in entertainment.

Abbie’s advice for incoming DJs and people that want to be in college radio is to not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, make new friends, listen to new music and stay true to yourself. Follow her on Instagram @abinormal__ and her show @inbetweendays_tr.


  1. In Between Days – The Cure
  2. Rose-Colored Boy – Paramore
  3. Good Girls – LANY
  4. The Moment – Fickle Friends
  5. Give It Up – The Millennial Club
  6. Sunshine Type – Turnover
  7. Light On – Maggie Rogers
  8. Memories – The Midnight
  9. Better Not – Louis the Child & Wafia
  10. It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You) – The 1975

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